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A correct site optimization is the inflexion point between a disaster and a great business, that’s why is vital to count with formed and expriences professionals with year of experience on their backs.  In Comando-T we specialize in technical SEO and Content optimization improving visibility and conversions, we have worked with national and international companies (Spain, Germany, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay) and we have carried on optimizations large sites (multinationals and multiple TLD’s), we have performed sucsefully high risk migrations maintening and impriving original rankings and we have recovered penalized sites among others. Our eperience and clients endorse us.

Consulting We will meet with you and your team to advice you and overview all kinds of doubts and desitions regarding your SEO journey. We will help you find the way path to follow.  90€ / hour

Audits  A report on the current situation of the site on a deep level  general a nivel. The Audit will include all the actions to perform and their priorities for the correct technical and content optimization of the site. From 700€

Deployement If you need it we can take care of the deployement of each and every change requested in the site audit to make sure every effort is being made. Depending on site

Maintenance The site audit is just the beginning. If you really want to join the race on a long term you need to keep the site up to date and always improve. We will take care not only of on-site actions but also off-site to make sure it happens. This includes content strategy, quality linkbuilding and reporting. From 600€ / Month


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